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Leaderboard for [Uebung] NATO Defense Force

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11/04/2023 12:00 AM


12/04/2023 12:00 AM

1Pvt. Faital [NDF]
2Pvt. Aps_Ghost [NDF]
3Pvt. JaDo | Domenic [NDF]
4Pvt. Guardian [NDF]
5Pvt. DieTaube_22 [NDF]
6Pvt. Lignum [NDF]
7Uffz. Benedikt
8Pvt. Xenon R. [NDF]
9Pvt. WhiteOZ [NDF]
10Pvt. MoaB [NDF]
12HptGefr. WhiteOZ
14Pvt. Benedikt [NDF]
15Pvt. DarkDay [NDF]
16Pvt. John McTavish [NDF]
17Pvt. Winkler [NDF]