1. Subscription Plans

BattleMetrics Plans

Ad Free Experience
Force Server UpdatesWe'll immediately queue an update for any server you request.
Custom BannersComplete control over the look and feel of your banners, real-time updates on your website.
Unlimited Alert ObjectsLearn about alerts
Increased Update RateAll of your favorited servers will be updated at least once every five minutes.
Advanced Player SearchesAllows searching players by First Seen, Last Seen, and Online At.
All Leaderboard Options.Search for a player's rank and customize the leaderboard time periods with 90 days of player history.
Email AlertsLearn about alerts180300600
SMS AlertsLearn about alerts50100
Player FlagsIncludes access for sub-users.
Player NotesIncludes access for sub-users.
Player Session InformationSee when a player was online along with associated players. Ideal for discovering and identifying groups.Includes access for sub-users.
Related PlayersFind who spends the most time together.Includes access for sub-users.
Player LogThree months of connection history.For all servers.For your servers. Includes access for sub-users.
RCONThe most powerful admin tool available.
RCON Features
Unlimited Servers
Billed Yearly
Billed Monthly
Billed Monthly
Free TrialNo payment information required for trial.