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About Alerts

Alerts let you keep track of any servers and players tracked by BattleMetrics. Keep track of your friends, enemies, and favorite servers.

All BattleMetrics accounts have access to alerts. If enabled, you will be notified in browser for all alerts and you may also optionally receive an email or Text Message/SMS (Paid plans only) notice for triggered alerts.

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Alert Objects

Alert objects refer to the player(s) or servers you are tracking with an alert. Standard accounts are limited to 10 alert objects, however paid accounts may track unlimited alert objects.

  • A single alert tracking five servers would count as five alert objects.
  • Three alerts tracking three servers would count as three objects.
  • One alert tracking one player would count as one object.

Alert Types

Server Status
Find out when a server goes online or offline. Players can use this to track when their favorite servers come online and admins can make sure server crashes don't go unnoticed.
Player Count
Track when a server's player count reaches, exceeds, or dips under any number. Make sure you're online when the action gets started.
Player Join and Leave

Join your friends as soon as they connect or make sure you're online to defend against your enemies.

Player alerts will trigger on partial matches or can (optionally) use regular expressions (learn more) and can trigger only for the first matching player (default) or for every match.