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WIPE 1.3

Player count
7830 km
Russian Federation
7 Days: 96%, 30 Days: 95%
Downtime History
Procedural map
Game Mode
Password Protected
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Rocket Plugins
1 rocket plugin(s)
  • Уникальная сборка плагинов и модов! Ламповая атмосфера :3
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Items Spawn Chance1Custom
Items Despawn Dropped Time600Easy
Items Despawn Natural Time900Easy
Items Respawn Time300Custom
Items Quality Full Chance0.1Easy
Items Quality Multiplier1Easy
Items Gun Bullets Full Chance0Custom
Items Gun Bullets Multiplier0.25Normal
Items Magazine Bullets Full Chance0Custom
Items Magazine Bullets Multiplier0.5Normal
Items Crate Bullets Full Chance0Custom
Items Crate Bullets Multiplier1Easy
Items Has DurabilityTrueNormal
Vehicles Has Battery Chance1Easy
Vehicles Min Battery Charge1Custom
Vehicles Max Battery Charge1Easy
Vehicles Has Tire Chance1Easy
Vehicles Respawn Time300Easy
Vehicles Unlocked After Seconds In Safezone3600Easy
Vehicles Armor Multiplier1Easy
Vehicles Child Explosion Armor Multiplier1Easy
Vehicles Gun Lowcal Damage Multiplier1Easy
Vehicles Gun Highcal Damage Multiplier1Easy
Vehicles Melee Damage Multiplier1Easy
Vehicles Max Instances Tiny4Easy
Vehicles Max Instances Small8Easy
Vehicles Max Instances Medium16Easy
Vehicles Max Instances Large32Easy
Vehicles Max Instances Insane64Easy
Zombies Spawn Chance0.25Normal
Zombies Loot Chance0.5Normal
Zombies Crawler Chance0Easy
Zombies Sprinter Chance0Easy
Zombies Flanker Chance0Easy
Zombies Burner Chance0Easy
Zombies Acid Chance0Easy
Zombies Boss Electric Chance0Easy
Zombies Boss Wind Chance0Easy
Zombies Boss Fire Chance0Easy
Zombies Spirit Chance0Easy
Zombies Respawn Day Time360Easy
Zombies Respawn Night Time30Easy
Zombies Respawn Beacon Time0Easy
Zombies Damage Multiplier1Normal
Zombies Armor Multiplier1Normal
Zombies Backstab Multiplier1.25Easy
Zombies Beacon Experience Multiplier1Easy
Zombies Full Moon Experience Multiplier2Easy
Zombies Min Drops1Easy
Zombies Max Drops1Easy
Zombies Min Mega Drops5Easy
Zombies Max Mega Drops5Easy
Zombies Min Boss Drops8Easy
Zombies Max Boss Drops10Easy
Zombies Slow MovementFalseNormal
Zombies Can StunTrueEasy
Zombies Only Critical StunsFalseEasy
Zombies Weapons Use Player DamageFalseEasy
Zombies Beacon Max Rewards0Easy
Zombies Beacon Max Participants0Easy
Zombies Beacon Rewards Multiplier1Easy
Animals Respawn Time180Easy
Animals Damage Multiplier1Normal
Animals Armor Multiplier1Normal
Animals Max Instances Tiny4Easy
Animals Max Instances Small8Easy
Animals Max Instances Medium16Easy
Animals Max Instances Large32Easy
Animals Max Instances Insane64Easy
Animals Weapons Use Player DamageFalseEasy
Barricades Decay Time604800Easy
Barricades Armor Lowtier Multiplier1Easy
Barricades Armor Hightier Multiplier0.5Easy
Barricades Gun Lowcal Damage Multiplier1Easy
Barricades Gun Highcal Damage Multiplier1Easy
Barricades Melee Damage Multiplier1Easy
Structures Decay Time604800Easy
Structures Armor Lowtier Multiplier1Easy
Structures Armor Hightier Multiplier0.5Easy
Structures Gun Lowcal Damage Multiplier1Easy
Structures Gun Highcal Damage Multiplier1Easy
Structures Melee Damage Multiplier1Easy
Players Health Regen Min Food75Custom
Players Health Regen Min Water75Custom
Players Health Regen Ticks45Custom
Players Food Use Ticks250Hard
Players Food Damage Ticks75Custom
Players Water Use Ticks350Custom
Players Water Damage Ticks50Custom
Players Virus Infect0Custom
Players Virus Use Ticks125Easy
Players Virus Damage Ticks60Custom
Players Leg Regen Ticks750Easy
Players Bleed Damage Ticks60Custom
Players Bleed Regen Ticks750Easy
Players Armor Multiplier1Easy
Players Experience Multiplier1Normal
Players Detect Radius Multiplier1Normal
Players Ray Aggressor Distance8Easy
Players Lose Skills PvP0.75Easy
Players Lose Skills PvE0.75Easy
Players Lose Items PvP1Easy
Players Lose Items PvE1Easy
Players Lose Clothes PvPTrueEasy
Players Lose Clothes PvETrueEasy
Players Can Hurt LegsTrueEasy
Players Can Break LegsFalseEasy
Players Can Fix LegsTrueEasy
Players Can Start BleedingTrueNormal
Players Can Stop BleedingTrueEasy
Players Spawn With Max SkillsFalseEasy
Players Spawn With Stamina SkillsFalseEasy
Players Allow Instakill HeadshotsFalseEasy
Objects Binary State Reset Multiplier1Easy
Objects Fuel Reset Multiplier1Easy
Objects Water Reset Multiplier1Easy
Objects Resource Reset Multiplier1Easy
Objects Resource Drops Multiplier3Custom
Objects Rubble Reset Multiplier1Easy
Objects Allow Holiday DropsTrueEasy
Events Rain Frequency Min2.3Easy
Events Rain Frequency Max5.6Easy
Events Rain Duration Min0.05Easy
Events Rain Duration Max0.15Easy
Events Snow Frequency Min1.3Easy
Events Snow Frequency Max4.6Easy
Events Snow Duration Min0.2Easy
Events Snow Duration Max0.5Easy
Events Airdrop Frequency Min0.8Easy
Events Airdrop Frequency Max6.5Easy
Events Airdrop Speed128Easy
Events Airdrop Force9.5Easy
Events Arena Min Players2Easy
Events Arena Compactor Damage10Easy
Events Arena Clear Timer5Easy
Events Arena Finale Timer10Easy
Events Arena Restart Timer15Easy
Events Arena Compactor Delay Timer1Easy
Events Arena Compactor Pause Timer5Easy
Events Arena Use AirdropsTrueEasy
Events Arena Use Compactor PauseTrueEasy
Events Arena Compactor Speed Tiny0.5Easy
Events Arena Compactor Speed Small1.5Easy
Events Arena Compactor Speed Medium3Easy
Events Arena Compactor Speed Large4.5Easy
Events Arena Compactor Speed Insane6Easy
Events Arena Compactor Shrink Factor0.5Easy
Gameplay Repair Level Max3Easy
Gameplay HitmarkersTrueEasy
Gameplay CrosshairFalseHard
Gameplay BallisticsTrueNormal
Gameplay ChartTrueEasy
Gameplay SatelliteTrueCustom
Gameplay CompassTrueCustom
Gameplay Group MapTrueEasy
Gameplay Group HUDTrueEasy
Gameplay Allow Static GroupsTrueEasy
Gameplay Allow Dynamic GroupsTrueEasy
Gameplay Allow Shoulder CameraTrueEasy
Gameplay Can SuicideTrueEasy
Gameplay Timer Exit10Easy
Gameplay Timer Respawn10Easy
Gameplay Timer Home30Easy
Gameplay Timer Leave Group30Easy
Gameplay Max Group Members5Custom
Server responded to query
Server responded to query
Server responded to query
Server responded to query
Server responded to query
Server responded to query
Server responded to query
Server responded to query
Server responded to query
Server responded to query
Server responded to query
Server responded to query
Server responded to query
Server responded to query
Server responded to query
Server responded to query
Server responded to query
Server responded to query
Александр Кукурузник[грибобас] joined the game
[Premium]hexadashi left the game
kasperDeD left the game
Server responded to query
[swastika] Rammz joined the game
starostaartem1 joined the game
[swastika] Rammz left the game

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[swastika] S U Z U Y A
владимер будапехт
ваня няяяяяяяяяя
бобор добор
[swastika] Rammz
Александр Кукурузник[грибобас]

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