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Rank Name Players AddressLocation
ARK: Survival Evolved
#1973Arkiteks.us Ragnarok PVP 7/4 WIPE ORP 96hr Protect - (v312.35)
Time: 159Map: Ragnarok4 mod(s)
1/7051.161.118.177:7960Canada 786 km
ARK: Survival Evolved
#5141ARKiTeks - (v312.35)
Time: 246Map: Extinction4 mod(s)
0/30192.154.226.183:7777United States 1870 km
7 Days to Die
Level: PREGEN03
0/2051.161.118.177:26902Canada 786 km
ARK: Survival Evolved
#10273Arkiteks.us Valguero PVE Builder Cluster - (v312.35)
Time: 5381Map: Valguero_P4 mod(s)
0/7051.161.118.177:7913Canada 786 km
ARK: Survival Evolved
#16506Arkiteks.us Ragnarok PVE Builder Cluster - (v312.35)
Time: 6264Map: Ragnarok4 mod(s)
0/7051.161.118.177:7769Canada 786 km
ARK: Survival Evolved
#23562Arkiteks.us Extinction PVE Builder Cluster - (v312.35)
Time: 6284Map: Extinction4 mod(s)
0/7051.161.118.177:7775Canada 786 km
ARK: Survival Evolved
#27401Arkiteks Playground crystal isles - (v312.32)
Time: 560Map: CrystalIsles4 mod(s)
0/10176.57.135.51:29900Australia 15675 km
ARK: Survival Evolved
#32185Arkiteks.us Scorched Earth PVE Builders - (v312.35)
Time: 990Map: ScorchedEarth4 mod(s)
0/7051.161.118.177:7787Canada 786 km
ARK: Survival Evolved
#35181Arkiteks.us Crystal Isles PVE Builder Cluster - (v312.35)
Time: 378Map: CrystalIsles4 mod(s)
0/7051.161.118.177:7956Canada 786 km
ARK: Survival Evolved
#40171Arkiteks.us Center PVE Builder Cluster - (v312.35)
Time: 6620Map: TheCenter4 mod(s)
0/7051.161.118.177:7773Canada 786 km