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Rank Name Players AddressLocation
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam
#1Bloodbath: Broken Arrow [Vanilla Maps] [Campaign]
Map: VNTE-DaNangAirBase
64/6474.91.115.81:7777United States 913 km
ArmA 2
Map: ChernarusMission: Genesis_Epoch_1
37/552.59.135.79:2302Germany 6731 km
#1* L O S E R S -=LOL=- O N L I N E | PVP | NEW GUNS *
Map: stationPlaylist: nwi/pvp_sustained
31/32139.99.2.62:27015Singapore 15526 km
#1Northern Tropical Freeport - (v406.13)
Cluster: [PvP][NA] The Kraken's Grasp
68/15037.10.127.149:5757United States 1111 km
Team Fortress 2
#1// SRV2-2 FYN.iO | 2.F.O.R.T 24/7 | RTD&CUSTOM
Map: ctf_2fortGame Mode: Capture the Flag
30/3386.52.177.140:27124Denmark 6416 km
Battalion 1944
#1killzor (RELEASE-22680)
Mode: WRTMap: Liberation
2/10173.199.107.143:7777Germany 6548 km
Map: Last Chance S.T.A.L.K.E.R. RPMods: 11Rocket Plugins: 9
63/10046.174.49.234:27015Russian Federation 8535 km
Garry's Mod
#1Русский FastRP #1 [Быстрая загрузка][M9K]
Map: rp_bangclawGame Mode: darkrp
123/12837.230.137.126:27015Russian Federation 7832 km
Counter-Strike: Source
#1Zombie Hunting V3 by ElitE HunterZ |All Weapons|Rank|Respawn|
Map: zm_rush_final_4
64/64151.80.111.130:27045France 6560 km
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
#1[GFLClan.com] Zombie Escape 24/7 | Rank | Recruiting | NoBlock
Map: ze_infested-industry_p2
50/64216.52.148.47:27015United States 915 km