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Rank Name Players AddressLocation
ArmA 3
#1CodeFourGaming - King of the Hill US#5 - RHS Vehicle
Map: AltisMission: King of the Hill RHS by Sa-Matra (v16)
100/10051.79.37.206:2302Canada 787 km
ArmA 2
#1[Genesis]Epoch|WIPED 10-7|HC|VG|StartKit|SemiMili|Missions|PVP
Map: ChernarusMission: Genesis Epoch
32/55202.165.126.235:2302Germany 6732 km
#1Atlas_H7 - (v553.1)
Cluster: [PvP] The Cobra's Strike
2/15037.10.127.150:5759United States 2099 km
Insurgency: Sandstorm
#1[RU] ProRussianServer COOP HARD [TOP machine only]
Game Mode: CheckpointMap: Town
12/32109.195.19.160:27102Russian Federation 8550 km
Team Fortress 2
#1 [EU] www.fastpath.fr | 24/7 #TF2
Map: cp_gorge_event
30/32164.132.202.2:27018France 6165 km
Battalion 1944
#1killzor (RELEASE-22680)
Mode: WRTMap: Liberation
2/10173.199.107.143:7777Germany 6549 km
Garry's Mod
#1Русский FastRP #1 [Быстрая загрузка][M9K]
Map: rp_bangclawGame Mode: darkrp
103/12737.230.137.126:27015Russian Federation 7829 km
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
#1idle4drops #5 | FAST DROPS IDLE ACHIEVEMENT | idle4drops.com
Map: achievement_idle
63/6594.249.140.60:27045Germany 6549 km
#1[AU/NZ]GamingAlliance.net/Casual/10x Stats
0 0 15674 km
#1Hypixel Network [1.8-1.19]
53474/100000minecraft.hypixel.net:25565Canada 747 km