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The form below will generate a tag to add to your server config. The tag allows BattleMetrics and other services to accurately represent your server settings and wipe schedule.

Set to 0 for no limit.

This setting covers any rules that limit the number of players that can work together. Set it to 0 for no limit. Set it to one for solo, two for duo, etc.


For instant craft set Craft Rate to 0.

Wipe Schedule

This setting indicates what type of wipe (if any) you do on the forced wipe on the first Thursday of every month.

The selected time zone will be used for additional wipe schedules. It will not be used for force wipe which is always Europe/London. We have eliminated time zones that are functionally equivalent due to space constraints.

Additional Wipes

Wipe time should be in the time zone selected for the server.

Cron schedules should only be used when your schedule can not be expressed with the "Monthly Schedule" option. Including a Cron expression will roughly double the size of the tag.


Upcoming Wipes

The following dates/times are converted to your time zone.

  • Full -
  • Full -
  • Full -
  • Full -
Server Tag

Use the generated tag below to advertise your server settings. You can set the tag in the following ways:

  1. Add it anywhere in your server description. This can be done while the server is running via console or RCON. Be sure to save your changes and/or apply to your config files.

  2. Save settings directly to the BattleMetrics server record. Saved settings have a higher priority and settings found in the query will be ignored.

    To save settings directly the server must be claimed. A BattleMetrics RCON trial can be used for this. At the end of the trial the server will remain claimed and you can continue to update your server information.

  3. You can also add it to your server tags. The tag section is limited to 127 characters. If you choose to put it in your tags you should ensure that all of your tags are coming across. If your server is modded make sure you server is still appearing in modded and not community servers.

Once the tag is set you should see your wipe schedule and server settings appear after the next successful query.

Saved Settings

The following options are available for RCON enabled servers. These directly modify the server record in the BattleMetrics database.

This will override any settings returned directly from the server.