Dark and Light servers

Rank Name Players AddressLocation
Dark and Light#1US-Knight-3 - (v100.29260)
29/7085.190.152.233:7781United States 2270 mi
Dark and Light#2EU-Knight-5 - (v100.29260)
8/7085.190.150.99:7779Germany 4066 mi
Dark and Light#3EU-Knight-1 - (v100.29260)
4/7085.190.150.98:7777Germany 4066 mi
Dark and Light#4 TILtheEnd/TheArk.Life PVE x10ALL - (v100.29260)
21/25566.70.180.231:7786Canada 488 mi
Dark and Light#5US-Chaos-S2 - (v100.29260)
15/70148.153.49.25:7779United States 1153 mi
Dark and Light#68th Kingdom PVP 30X ALL LVL150 - (v100.29260)
5/60193.111.186.217:7780United Kingdom 3676 mi
Dark and Light#7[GER/DE] Geeworld.de [PvE] Tx5 - XPx3 - Hx5 - (v100.29260)
4/7094.130.39.172:7777Germany 4066 mi
Dark and Light#8![FR-PVE]->Les insomniaques <- All x5 nowipe - (v100.29260)
4/7051.255.235.229:7787France 3842 mi
Dark and Light#9AS-Chaos-S1 - (v100.29260)
8/70103.255.203.16:7777China 6754 mi
Dark and Light#108th Kingdom PVE 10X ALL LVL150 - (v100.29260)
5/60109.230.215.116:7777United Kingdom 3677 mi