Dark and Light servers

Rank Name Players AddressLocation
Dark and Light#1US-Chaos-S2 - (v100.13540)
23/70148.153.49.25:7779United States 1153 mi
Dark and Light#2US-MasterBuilder-S1 - (v100.13540)
15/40148.153.49.24:7777United States 1153 mi
Dark and Light#3EU-Knight-5 - (v100.13540)
39/7085.190.150.99:7779Germany 4066 mi
Dark and Light#4US-Chaos-S1 - (v100.13540)
5/70148.153.49.25:7777United States 1153 mi
Dark and Light#5US-Knight-1 - (v100.13540)
8/7085.190.152.233:7777United States 2270 mi
Dark and Light#6US-Knight-7 - (v100.13540)
9/7085.190.152.142:7777United States 2270 mi
Dark and Light#7EU-MasterBuilder-S1 - (v100.13540)
15/4085.190.148.38:7777Germany 4066 mi
Dark and Light#8 TILtheEnd/TheArk.Life PVE x25ALL - (v100.13540)
3/25566.70.180.231:7785Canada 488 mi
Dark and Light#9 TILtheEnd/TheArk.Life PVP x25ALL - (v100.13540)
8/25566.70.180.231:7788Canada 488 mi
Dark and Light#10:R3B0RN: PVE Community Server x10all - (v100.13540)
4/60192.154.226.211:7777United States 772 mi