Conan Exiles servers

Rank Name Players AddressLocation
Conan Exiles#1[EU / GER] Steppenfrost / WIPE11.02 / x3Hx2XP / PVP
PVP Enabled: True
0/60176.57.140.58:28500Germany 4070 mi
Conan Exiles#2Depraved Wastelands 18+ RP Server [DEDICATED/NO LAG]
PVP Enabled: True
26/70185.85.84.170:7777United Kingdom 3676 mi
Conan Exiles#3Thoth-Amon's Land (Action based RP) - Fresh wipe 2/3/18 - New P
PVP Enabled: True
21/70172.107.85.55:7777United States 2250 mi
Conan Exiles#4Bones Of The Forgotten PVE 5x XP Wiped 2/05/18
PVP Enabled: False
20/50181.214.149.140:7777United States 1043 mi
Conan Exiles#5WorldWarGaming[6xH-20XP][FreshWipe-2-3][DEDICATED]
PVP Enabled: True
18/70192.95.33.89:27015Canada 488 mi
Conan Exiles#6Official server #422 PvP-Fast -
PVP Enabled: True
28/40172.107.16.191:28300United States 114 mi
Conan Exiles#7Official server #212 PvP-Fast -
PVP Enabled: True
4/40176.57.140.221:28100Germany 4070 mi
Conan Exiles#8Official server #858 PvP-Fast -
PVP Enabled: True
13/40103.78.123.114:28200United States 1103 mi
Conan Exiles#9[EU-DE/ESP/UK] Guardianes de Hyboria - x3 [17.1] EVENTS/NOGODS
PVP Enabled: True
0/70176.57.140.27:28100Germany 4070 mi
Conan Exiles#10[AUS/NZ]
PVP Enabled: True
14/5045.121.211.142:7777Australia 9741 mi