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ArmA 2 servers

Rank Name Players AddressLocation
ArmA 2
#11[RU] Positive PvE
Map: takistanMission: EVO RED 107 CO(M(P))(SM S)Takistan
7/3295.165.128.187:2302Russian Federation 7071 km
ArmA 2
#12[Ni] - Hosted by KFC|PVP|Full Mil|VG|High Loot|5M Start
Map: ChernarusMission: DayZ Overpoch Chernarus
12/4666.70.231.189:2302United States 10465 km
ArmA 2
#13[EU/UK] TheWalkingZuk.co.uk | Overpoch | PvPvE | The Walking Z
Map: ChernarusMission: DayZ Overpoch Chernarus
4/3094.23.49.73:2302France 5645 km
ArmA 2
Map: ChernarusMission: TWD TEAM
8/50131.196.198.71:3280Brazil 5975 km
ArmA 2
#15Elite Warriors: 24/7 Evo Red Takistan (combined ops req)
Map: TakistanMission: EVO RED 200 - Takistan
15/4085.199.213.187:2330United Kingdom 5731 km
ArmA 2
#16[RU] Dayza.ru - DayZ Mod 1.9.0
Map: chernarusMission: DayZMod
12/32193.106.172.115:4302Russian Federation 7064 km
ArmA 2
#17[PG] - Hosted by KFC|WIPED 8/3|500KStart|FPS++|XPSystem|InsaneL
Map: ChernarusMission: [PG] Chernarus Overpoch - Hosted by KFC
4/5566.70.231.190:2302United States 10465 km
ArmA 2
#18The friendly Survivors(GER)PVE Coins/WAI/DZMS/ESSV many more
Map: chernarusMission: The Friendly Survivors Overpoch Chernarus
8/2685.131.147.8:2302Germany 5634 km
ArmA 2
#19-=[WASP]=- Warfare | discord.me/warfare
Map: chernarusMission: [55] Warfare V48 Chernarus
25/5554.37.88.6:2302Germany 5516 km
ArmA 2
#20RU66 ElectroClub Napf Epoch
Map: NapfMission: DayZ Epoch Napf
12/50178.211.184.227:2402Russian Federation 8276 km