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ArmA 2 servers

Rank Name Players AddressLocation
ArmA 2
Map: ChernarusMission: Genesis_Epoch_1
21/6095.141.32.159:2302Germany 5559 km
ArmA 2
#2Official Origins Mod #LFS Taviana Tactical 5.0 - Database 11/05
Map: TavianaMission: Origins Mod
3/5037.187.144.40:11375France 5673 km
ArmA 2
#3[PG] - Hosted by KFC|WIPED 5/29|500KStart|FPS++|XPSystem|Insane
Map: ChernarusMission: [PG] Chernarus Overpoch - Hosted by KFC
13/5566.70.231.190:2302United States 10465 km
ArmA 2
#4[Winter Gaming]Epoch 1062|WIPED JUNE 09|High FPS|XP System|JSRS
Map: ChernarusMission: Winter Gaming Epoch Chernarus
7/46164.132.203.240:2302France 5673 km
ArmA 2
#5[RU 174] - Rebalanced Epoch Chernarus [HighFPS|MoreLoot](1.0.6.
Map: ChernarusMission: vk.com/epoch_ru174
6/60164.132.200.164:2545France 5673 km
ArmA 2
#6Die Autobahn
Map: chernarusMission: DayZMod
3/3894.130.51.183:2802Germany 5734 km
ArmA 2
#7----------------ARMA2.ACADEMY [PVE]--------------
Map: takistanMission: EVO RED NEW BASE 107.9.3 CO(academy)(hard+attack)Takistan
3/4082.202.165.180:2302Russian Federation 10973 km
ArmA 2
#8Virgin | DayZ | discord.gg/tG3A65Y
Map: ChernarusMission: DayZMod
0/40148.251.19.211:2302Germany 5734 km
ArmA 2
Map: chernarusMission: DayZMod
9/50162.248.89.7:2332United States 9489 km
ArmA 2
#10RU 105th DayZEpoch Chernarus Bank,Spawn select
Map: ChernarusMission: DayZ Epoch ru105th
3/8591.134.167.37:2302France 5645 km