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Tips and Tricks

Below you will find a list of the best / most popular servers in the world. The list includes the server rank, name, player count, location (distance from your computer), and other game-specific information.

Server rank is based on the objective popularity of a server. We calculate rank based on the amount of time players have spent on the server in the preceding seven (7) days. Ranks are re-caculated daily at 01:00 UTC. We do not take player votes or any other factor into account.

The "NR" rank means that a server is suspected of botting, inflating, or otherwise distorting its real player count. These servers are hidden from the server list by default but can appear in your term-specific searches. We advise avoiding these servers for your safety.

When performing server searches, we recommend wrapping terms with quotes " " to return exact matches.

The server status buttons allow you to filter between offline (red "x"), online (green "check"), or both (gray "asterisk").

Using the "Players" filter, you can set a minimum or maximum number of players you want the server to have.

The "Max Distance" filter allows you to set a limit on how far away the server is from your location. We use a GeoIP database to determine both the server's physical location as well as your location. This is a useful approximation for how low your latency / ping to the server should be. Most games do not provide ping information via the query protocol, so our "Max Distance" filter should provide you with a good approximation. You can also use this to help you locate more regional servers.

The "Countries" filter allow you to search based on what country we think the server is in. At the moment, this is a whitelist search only, so you'll have to select the countries you want to play in.

Rank Name Players AddressLocation
Garry's Mod
#10PrometheusNet.works █ 1942RP █ MAP UPDATE!
Map: rp_prometheus_berlin_v6Game Mode: 1942rp
22/128135.148.154.65:27015United States 3779 km
Garry's Mod
#11[FR] Simple Roleplay ⚡ FASTDL | FLUIDE | SVMOD | RECRUTE
Map: rp_pinescity_simple_v1bGame Mode: darkrp
91/128141.94.15.66:27015France 6165 km
Garry's Mod
#12DivergeNet.works █ 1980's MafiaRP █ New York - SouthSide
Map: rp_southside_dayGame Mode: mafiarp
26/128135.148.136.61:27015United States 13 km
Garry's Mod
#13◕‿◕ TitsRP│Battlepass│FastDL│High FPS│Custom
Map: rp_downtown_tits_v2Game Mode: darkrp
30/128148.59.74.119:27015United States 3141 km
Garry's Mod
#14► MST ★Операция на Украине★ ◄
Map: mst_battle_for_mariypol_v2Game Mode: militaryrp
97/10037.230.137.130:27015Russian Federation 7833 km
Garry's Mod
#15►Civil Networks ▌SCP USA ▌C.I. ▌Custom ▌Breach Queue�
Map: rp_site65_civilnetworks_7cGame Mode: scprp
47/128208.103.169.119:27015United States 1873 km
Garry's Mod
#16▆▇█ UmbrellaRP#1┃АМБРЕЛЛА┃БАНДЫ █▇
Map: rp_bangclawGame Mode: darkrp
74/127212.22.93.35:27016Russian Federation 7830 km
Garry's Mod
#17▆▇█ InfinityRP #1 ┃КЕЙСЫ┃FPS┃M9K █▇▆
Map: rp_bangclawGame Mode: darkrp
60/127212.22.93.109:27015Russian Federation 7830 km
Garry's Mod
#18✸ Rise of the Republic | [Быстрая загрузка]
Map: rp_anaxmas_defcon_v2Game Mode: starwarsrp
116/12046.174.50.145:27019Russian Federation 8536 km
Garry's Mod
#19Etern1tyGaming|SCP-RP| Уникальная карта
Map: rp_arcarea74_v2etGame Mode: scprp
97/9562.122.213.162:27015Russian Federation 8536 km