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Rank Name Players AddressLocation
Beyond the Wire
#10[BR1] BR1 Gaming - BTW Events & Training - discord.gg/br1
Status: offline Map: Frise Frontlines 1916 FR vs GER
0/20103.195.100.50:7887United States 1498 km
Beyond the Wire
#11[AU] ZSU Gaming BTW #1 - discord.gg/zsu
Map: Combles Frontlines 1916 UK vs G
0/100118.127.15.54:7807Australia 15634 km
Beyond the Wire
#124Netplayers [EU] Assault #1
Map: Combles Assault 1916 UK vs GER
0/100194.97.47.50:7777Germany 6470 km
Beyond the Wire
#13[BRASIL-South America ] OTAS #2 linkkle.com/otas
Status: dead Map: Combles Frontlines 1914 FR vs G
0/100190.115.196.230:7888Brazil 7428 km
Beyond the Wire
#14[PSG] BTW #1 | West Coast | Learning Friendly | PSG-Hosting.com
Map: Sechault Assault 1915 GER vs FR
0/10045.35.55.30:7807United States 3655 km
Beyond the Wire
#154Netplayers [US] Assault #2
Map: Combles Assault 1914 FR vs GER
0/100173.237.55.242:7777United States 1872 km
Beyond the Wire
#16[UF] The United Front | Active Admins | Team Play Req.
Status: dead Map: Ansoncourt Assault
0/100147.135.30.85:7887United States 15 km
Beyond the Wire
#17[1-505th]Learn Together!|NA|
Status: dead Map: Ansoncourt Frontlines
0/100172.93.180.41:9000United States 1871 km
Beyond the Wire
#18Der SLEY -GERMAN ONLY- Anfängerfreundlich [DE]
Status: dead Map: Zonnebeke Assault
0/1005.180.67.249:7887Germany 6492 km
Beyond the Wire
#19Aussie / NZ Good Gamers - Beyond the Wire
Status: deadMap: Ansoncourt Assault
0/100119.252.191.131:7887Australia 15675 km