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Toxic Rust 5X


Full offline raid protection** - 48 hour purge event before wipe! Rotating Events Per wipe!** (join discord for event list) Free Builder, Discord and Steam Kits! Bi-weekly map wipes with No BP wipes! Advanced shop, and panels PLAY 2 WIN What is Play-2-Win? Play-2-Win lets you earn in-game currency which can be used to purchase VIP Kits and Perks. How to claim Play 2 Win Kits & Perks: 1) Link Discord and Steam accounts. https://www.ToxicRust.com 2) Type '/link' if in game chat to complete verification. 3) You should now have access to Discord and Steam Kits! 4) Click the Vending machine button on your hotbar 5) Go to in-game Shop 6) Click Play-2-Win category 7) Purchase your Play-2-Win VIP and Perks! We're not stopping there! Our server boasts a range of exciting additions, including jetpacks for exhilarating adventures, multiple premium events that will keep you on your toes, and cars equipped with fuel and parts to zip around the virtual world. You'll also find minicopters conveniently spawning on main roads. Safety is a priority, which is why we offer auto authorization on turrets and surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) for your protection. Plus, our quick smelt and sort feature ensures that resource management becomes a breeze.


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