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BattleMetrics RCONBattleMetrics RCON ($10/month) includes unlimited servers and admins.

Our servers maintain a 24/7 connection to your server, storing chat and other information for your later use. We have pushed the RCON protocol for each of our supported games to the limit, meaning that you will have access to the most advanced RCON tool available. With our wide range of features (see below) you'll never need to use another RCON tool. Our system is designed to make your job easier no matter the size of your community. For less than a tank of gas each month, we will make the challenging job of server administration that much easier so that you can maintain your server, your security, and your sanity. Your time is worth saving. Start saving today by exploring our tool below.

Set up RCON7 day free trial.No payment information required for trial.

Supported Games

7 Days to DieArk: Survival AscendedArk: Survival EvolvedArmA 2ArmA 3Arma ReforgerAtlasBattleBit RemasteredBeyond the WireConan ExilesCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveDark and LightDayZGarry's ModHell Let LooseInsurgencyMORDHAUPalworldProject ZomboidRising Storm 2: VietnamRustSquadSquad 44V Rising


We support as many features as possible for each game. Below is an overview of all of our features. To see which features are supported for each game see our compatibility table.

Proxy & VAC Ban Detection

We automatically detect if a player is using a Proxy or has a VAC ban and display an icon next to their name to let you know. Additionally, we color the name in red so you can easily spot them from the dashboard.

VAC Ban and VPN warning

Organizations, Roles, and Permissions

No need to hand out your RCON passwords to your staff anymore. You can grant them full privileges or you can choose to limit what they can do. The choice is yours. Adding and removing staff has never been easier or safer for your organization.

RCON admin permissions settings


Triggers allow you to automatically enforce your server's rules, welcome new players, and automate common tasks. Kick or ban based on VAC Ban status, country, game bans, proxy/VPN information and more.

Auto Ban/Kick based on VAC Ban, countries, proxy/VPN and more.

Player Flags

Player flags help you to bookmark, track, and categorize player profiles. Choose a title, icon, and color to help distinguish players.

Player Flags


View all of your servers at the same time. Send messages to all players across all servers. Everything has been designed so that you don't have to manage multiple windows and hop from one place to another. With our system, you can now effectively manage all your servers from one page.

ARK Server dashboard

Player Database

The days of players hiding their identities is over. With our player database, you will know if a player has previously connected under a different name, ip, or other identifier. Keep track of troublemakers from the player page by adding notes to players.

Player tracking identifiers

Synchronized Bans - Import, Export & Management

BattleMetrics has its own ban system so that you can store more information about who is banned and why. Bans can be applied to your entire organization. You will no longer be limited by file sizes, character limits, or anything else. Ban as many people as you like without any performance impact on your server. Our system is completely compatible with existing ban systems, so you can import, export, or maintain multiple lists. Customizable ban templates reduce the time and typing it takes to ban a player.

Ban form template


Send messages to the server on a customizable schedule. Automate your broadcasts by the minute, hour, day, or month (both by date and day of week).

Daily scheduled message

Chat Alerts

Receive an alert when a player types a word in chat (i.e. !admin). You can customize which keywords will trigger an alert and choose to receive desktop and/or audio notifications.

Server chat alerts

Detailed Server Page

See more specific information for each server you manage. When the player IP is available, our reverse DNS will help you detect VPN users. Admin flagging lets you quickly see which of your admins are in-game.

ArmA 3 Detailed server information

Activity Log

With our Activity Log, you can just enter a date/time and see all the activity on your server leading up to that point. Filter down the results to a specific server, player, and/or time.

ARK activity log example

Server Commands

All the RCON commands you are used to. Issue player commands from the dashboard or the server page. Issue server commands from the server page.

ARK server commands

Steam ID & BattlEye GUID Conversion

We automatically reverse BattlEye GUIDs into Steam IDs and vice versa so that you can easily find a person's steam profile.

Steam ID & BattlEye GUID Conversion

Constant RCON connection

Our system tracks players and chat 24/7 so that you don't have to maintain your own database. All the information you could ever want is at the tip of your fingers.

24/7 Connection
Set up RCON7 day free trial.No payment information required for trial.

Feature compatibility table