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Insurgency: Sandstorm servers

Rank Name Players AddressLocation
Insurgency: Sandstorm
Status: deadGame Mode: CheckpointMap: Canyon
0/4101.99.175.141:27015Guam 12709 km
Insurgency: Sandstorm
#1526인서전시 파피루스톰
Status: deadGame Mode: CheckpointMap: Oilfield
0/8182.217.199.59:27102Korea, Republic of 11140 km
Insurgency: Sandstorm
#1820100 Bots On Crack
Game Mode: CheckpointMap: Farmhouse
0/1064.42.181.186:27102United States 1 km
Insurgency: Sandstorm
#1610#120 Clan Server
Status: dead Game Mode: CheckpointMap: PowerPlant
0/10188.143.57.232:27102Hungary 7349 km
Insurgency: Sandstorm
#536[128Tick] TKV Tactics 15v40 Bots [50SP]
Game Mode: CheckpointMap: Ministry
0/15103.62.50.13:27102Australia 15211 km
Insurgency: Sandstorm
#1542# 1 nice server am been
Status: offlineGame Mode: CheckpointMap: Town
0/28188.110.233.185:27121Germany 6548 km
Insurgency: Sandstorm
#788[1up] Life
Game Mode: CheckpointMap: Farmhouse
0/1074.91.112.179:7777United States 853 km
Insurgency: Sandstorm
Game Mode: Hardcore CheckpointMap: Ministry
0/845.121.209.65:27102Australia 16350 km
Insurgency: Sandstorm
#179624/7 Ministry Firefight
Game Mode: FirefightMap: Ministry
0/24108.61.125.160:27015United States 1102 km
Insurgency: Sandstorm
#164424H Bot WarZone
Status: deadGame Mode: FirefightMap: Mountain
0/10107.173.81.42:31115United States 443 km