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Garry's Mod servers

Rank Name Players AddressLocation
Garry's Mod
#11Русский FastRP #2 [Быстрая загрузка][M9K]
Map: rp_bangclawGame Mode: darkrp
15/128185.97.255.6:27016Russian Federation 7199 km
Garry's Mod
#12TyphonNetworks.com █ Berlin, 1939 █ Under new management!
Map: rp_typhon_berlin_v10Game Mode: 1942rp
98/12854.39.29.82:27015Canada 786 km
Garry's Mod
#13Atlas Uprising 5.0 █ SCP-RP █ New MAP █ Self Breaching
Map: rp_site65_atlas_v2Game Mode: scprp
76/110172.106.165.209:27015United States 1870 km
Garry's Mod
#14Русский StarWars Phase 1|Быстрая загрузка
Map: rp_anaxes_nggGame Mode: starwarsrp
8/120185.97.254.212:27024Russian Federation 7199 km
Garry's Mod
#15▌GarnetGaming.net ▌ DarkRP - NO DOWNLOADS|UNBOX|VANILLA
Map: rp_downtown_tits_v2Game Mode: darkrp
59/128208.103.169.33:27015United States 348 km
Garry's Mod
#16▛ Elitelupus Roleplay #2 [USA] ▜
Map: rp_downtown_tits_v2Game Mode: darkrp
80/12851.81.2.47:27015United States 14 km
Garry's Mod
#17λ HLRP: Alyx | Cити - 17 | Оптимизация
Map: rp_city17_alyx_urfimGame Mode: urf_imrp
4/12837.230.228.132:27018Russian Federation 8535 km
Garry's Mod
#18■ SynergyRoleplay.com ■ | Clone Wars Main
Map: rp_titan_base_cw_bananakinGame Mode: starwarsrp
57/11066.70.180.193:27015Canada 786 km
Garry's Mod
#19impulse-community.com > Half-Life 2: Roleplay > Semi-Serious >
Map: rp_nc_d47_v2Game Mode: impulsehl2rp
53/72185.38.149.97:27015United Kingdom 5910 km
Garry's Mod
#20Exhibition DarkRP ▌Wiremod▌Custom▌Huge Update▌100k Star
Map: rp_downtown_exh_v1aGame Mode: darkrp
48/120208.103.169.26:27015United States 348 km