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We are now able to query server names and player counts. We have removed all filters, ability to view server rules, and other information.

These features could be available again, but we are prohibited from providing them by the Funcom Terms of Service. Until Steam query functionality is fully restored or we are granted a waiver these features will not return.

New servers may be added on the add server page.

Rank Name Players AddressLocation
Conan Exiles
#10Exiled Wasteland: [3x/3x]Fresh Wipe,PVP,Non-Biased Staff, Quickcraft!
6/7064.74.161.181:7839United States 3726 km
Conan Exiles
#11Official server #1094 PvP - g-portal.com
40/40176.57.168.62:28200Germany 6548 km
Conan Exiles
#12Torment D&D 18+ RP-PVP - Season 4
35/8051.222.104.140:7777Canada 786 km
Conan Exiles
#13[GER RP/PVP] Land der Sünden [Fantasy/18+]
29/70148.251.6.116:7770Germany 6734 km
Conan Exiles
#14Age of Irrelevance [ 3x EXP/Harvest ][ 12/25 start ][ Weekend RAIDS ]
21/50104.128.48.8:7777United States 1102 km
Conan Exiles
#15(US)Thoth-Amon Vanilla - Roleplay - PvE-Conflict - New Player Friendly
18/45192.169.86.154:28000United States 1870 km
Conan Exiles
#16Empire Gaming CORE [PvP/5H7XP]/FRESH WIPE/EU]
12/6051.89.153.114:7777United Kingdom 5916 km
Conan Exiles
#17Exiles Unchained [English Roleplay] [18+]
18/40145.239.205.17:7905United Kingdom 5916 km
Conan Exiles
25/7551.195.105.18:7777France 6164 km
Conan Exiles
#19The Iron Tower - Pve Server - Xp 4x, Harvest 4x, No Mods
15/4037.187.134.142:27015France 6164 km