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We are now able to query server names and player counts. We have removed all filters, ability to view server rules, and other information.

These features could be available again, but we are prohibited from providing them by the Funcom Terms of Service. Until Steam query functionality is fully restored or we are granted a waiver these features will not return.

New servers may be added on the add server page.

Rank Name Players AddressLocation
Conan Exiles
#10Lets Be Geeks
2/20176.57.171.251:28700Germany 6548 km
Conan Exiles
#11Die Rache der Götter - Aufstieg und Fall von Dynastien (RP-Server, Gor, Fantasie, Sklaven)
0/40176.57.160.176:28700Germany 6548 km
Conan Exiles
#12Darkest Age lvl 300, 3x XP, 2x harvest, AoC
1/3045.137.246.69:28100Germany 6811 km
Conan Exiles
#13Conan Exiles (Siptah): An Island Divided
0/1545.35.98.63:29100United States 3655 km
Conan Exiles
#14Exiled Lands Modded - MNW
0/30154.16.169.188:7905United States 516 km
Conan Exiles
#15(Ger/PvE) Weg des Kriegers Siptah
5/405.9.84.226:7777Germany 6734 km
Conan Exiles
#16The Bonded Ones - Savage Wilds
20/60104.194.10.221:7777United States 306 km
Conan Exiles
#17Spellbound Roleplay
0/10176.57.174.67:28300Germany 6548 km
Conan Exiles
#18Nouvelles Terres FR / RP / ERP
45/70176.57.181.147:29200Germany 6834 km
Conan Exiles
#19Welt der Vergessenen
2/2685.14.195.93:7777Germany 6374 km