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Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
7736 km
7 Days: 96%, 30 Days: 98%
Downtime History
EVO Gaming Altis Life
Urbarer Sorokin joined the game
Joachim Breytenbach left the game
Server responded to query
Antonio Gustavo joined the game
Digda KiKi joined the game
Floris Bierwind joined the game
Klaus Ghetto left the game
Digda KiKi left the game
Dietmar Olafson [[W.C.B.]] left the game
Urbarer Sorokin left the game
Server responded to query
Manfred Strazinger joined the game
erikn left the game
Server responded to query
Server responded to query
Ben Zin Sipper joined the game
Joachim Breytenbach joined the game
erikn joined the game
Mocka Stübchen left the game
Johannis Hage left the game
Kirigaya Kazuto left the game
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Brief Karsten joined the game
Cherry Fisher joined the game
Roman Buerki joined the game

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Active players

NamePlay time
Mara Winter
Chris Jackson
Baba Booey
Baltasar Breytenbach
Barba Bambino
Barry Kripke
Blackkk Abi
Givenchy Dent
Joe Adams
Johannes Krause
Klaus Smith [[SB]]
Lolly Lips
Madelene Wright
Mauli the Plug
Nick Reddo
Oliver Brown
Purple Punch
Sandro Dübler [9v]
Sonny Montana
Sunny Callins
Bernd Brechstange
Boston Reed
Dave Berger
Florian Maier
Herbert Strump
Luft Waffel
Mats Olafson [[W.C.B.]]
Max Anders
Raphael Ernst
Ronny Rakete
Sandro Engelmann
Sebastian Klein
Thorsten Brecher X
ballin ay
Chris Saller
Ice Tea [MF]
Jack Johnson
Max Lit
Peter Parker
Ted Bundy
Wilma Mapmarker
Balu X
Dennis aus Hürth
Freya Reeves
Günther Michen
James Gorden [LH]
Marius Privat
Marv Hausrecht
Willi Bierfreund
Karim Mueler
Loser Sandwich
Madox Ragnarsson
Mash Bash
Tobi Babongo
Binam Rippen
Harald Gösing
Phil Moon
Daniel Schweizer
Elyas Price
Emka the Plug
Frank Winter [BW]
Helmut Stone
Lukas Schweizer
Maxwell O Conner
Actor Weed
Egon Breytenbach
Max Cheese [BSP]
Hamsel Kraft
Robert Rumba
Sara OConnor
Dennis Loyal
Brief Karsten
Cherry Fisher
Jens Meyer
Roman Buerki
Ben Zin Sipper
Manfred Strazinger
Antonio Gustavo
Digda KiKi
Floris Bierwind
Urbarer Sorokin

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