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Leaderboard for 2nd Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment Milsim Server

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Time Range

05/02/2020 12:00 AM


06/01/2020 12:00 AM

11LT C. Phillips
2SFC F. Szephi
3SSG R. Hoffman
4SGT D. Holiday
5WO1 A. Savath
6SPC D. Peterson
7SGT O. Hawkens
8CW5 A. Authento
9PFC K. Grug
10SSG O. Hawkens
11PV2 L. Cook
12PV1 J. McEnry
13CW3 T. Abrams
14WOC A. Savath
151LT ma petite cochonne
16PV2 K. Grug
17PFC L. Cook
18PFC B. Bouchard
192LT D.Schneider [2-87 INF]
20PFC J. McEnry
21SPC J. Kelly
22PV2 S. Truelost
23PV1. B. Bouchard
24PV2 B. Bouchard
25A Bomb
26RCT K. Grug
27PV1 T. Bush
28PV2 J. McEnry
29SSgt S. Ducky
30PFC J. McEnry [5th SFG]