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[SG] Exile Altis 20k|Kits|Loot+|BaseSpawn|XP System|PVP|Wages|V

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7 Days: 100%, 30 Days: 100%
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a3, arcas_dev_tools, cba_3.15.3.210310-5ee330dc, exile, SG_Mod-1.2.2, SMA2.7.1, Toadie, Zabb
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List of server features: - XP System with loads of perks to choose from. - Kit selection respawn menu. Different tiers and categories to choose from based on respect. - Custom made "Base Camera" system with damaging and naming cameras. - Uniquely created map edits. (Military areas, Airfields ect..) - Lots of new/edited missions with custom loot. - Advanced Urban Rappelling with the ability to shoot. - Advanced Sling Loading. - Ship wrecks that spawn each restart. - Claim mission vehicles using a code lock. - Daily rewards everyone 24hrs. - Crate loading and selling using "Crate Storage" option. - Vehicle towing. - Inmate Market. Sell your own items for your own prices. - Loadout Trader at Safe Zones. - Custom made hacking raiding system. - Revive party members. - Vector building. - Discord PVP leaderboard with rewards each server restart. - Inmate Wages. Earn Poptabs while playing. - XM8 Territory Management app. Allow you to customise your territory at any time. - Searching function in traders with 3D preview and a Sell All button. - Vehicle tuning shop. Allows extreme vehicle customization. Such as Chrome, 2 Tone & RGB paint. Neon under-glow. - Custom made Virtual Garage for ease of use! Better than Exile's default! - Airfield virtual garage for air vehicles. - Vehicle and base painting. - Ability to turn off the environment sounds using 9. - Safe Zone protection against thieves. - Incoming missile warning on all air vehicle. - Anti-Mine zones to prevent abuse. - Base Spawning with a cooldown. - Thermal has been disabled on everything. - Ability to get in DLC vehicles with DLCs you do not own. - Lock vehicles from the interior. - Custom killfeed that can be toggled on/off. - Arma default HUD that can be toggled on/off. - Halo jump from any air vehicle without the need of a parachute. - Customizable stats bar. - Plenty of custom XM8 apps.
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