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All Night Gamers (Necropolis) | Valmod Overhaul | PvE

Player count
12575 km
United States
7 Days: 100%, 30 Days: 100%
Downtime History

Server Statistics

Server Rank

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Player Count

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Server Settings

Server descriptionFriendly Players Wanted
Server website url
Current server timeDay 242, 03:20
World age
Air drop frequency72
Air drop markerFalse
Block durability modifier100%
Build create (Cheat mode)False
Daytime length18 in-game hours
24 Hour cycle60 minutes
Drop on deathEverything
Drop on quitNothing
EAC enabledTrue
Enemy difficultyFeral
Enemy sense memory seconds
Enemy spawn modeUnknown
Game difficulty5
Game modeSurvivalMP
Is password protectedTrue
Land claim dead zone30
Land claim decay modeFull protection
Land claim expiry time7 days
Land claim offline durability modifier0
Land claim online durability modifier0
Land claim size41
Level nameRandom Gen
Loot abundance100%
Loot respawn30 days
Max spawned animals50
Max spawned zombies60
Player killing modeNo Killing (0)
Requires modFalse
Show friend player on mapTrue
Stock filesFalse
Stock settingsTrue
VersionAlpha 16.4
Zombies runDefault. Run at night.